Mayor Stothert: Continuing to reach out to every neighborhood and community in Omaha

Statement from Mayor Jean Stothert on April 20, 2017:

Thanks for coming today.

Have you heard that something might be happening later today at the Baxter Arena?

Well, let me tell you what we are doing today. Look around and you’ll see our volunteers touching base with voters. Asking them what they think about our city. What do we hear?

Time and time again voters are saying they like what I have done. They know I work very hard for them. And they feel the city of Omaha is doing wonderfully and they want us to keep going in the same direction for another four years.

I hear it every day: people want me to keep them safe, cut their taxes and fix the roads.

That’s what I am doing. Voters are telling us they are excited about the city’s future and so am I.

That kind of optimism is reflected in Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and that’s one reason I wanted him to come here on Monday. There are a lot of similarities between us. Gov. Walker’s policies have cut property taxes in Wisconsin. I’ve cut property tax rates twice here in Omaha.

He came into office facing a deficit that he eliminated by cutting spending and reforming programs . . . and he accomplished it without raising taxes. That’s what I did in 2013 when I inherited a $13 million deficit. The governor has delivered balanced budgets, and so have I.

Gov. Walker’s policies have created jobs in Wisconsin. My policies have led to 12,000 new jobs right here in Omaha.

We are both conservatives who believe people should have the freedom to control their own destiny and pursue their dreams without the heavy hand of government. You’ll hear quite a different message later this afternoon.

Senator Sanders is a democratic socialist who does not believe in free markets or the capitalist system. He wants government to direct society, and he wants America to more resemble the heavily regulated countries of Western Europe. Governor Walker and I want America to be America.

I think the tone at their event later today will be toxic … harsh . . . vitriolic. They’ll complain about our country and our city, a real “Debbie Downer” event.

So, at the same time they are complaining, we will be here on the phones touching base with our friend and neighbors.

Continuing to reach out to every neighborhood and community in Omaha to ask what they like about our city and to ask what ideas they have for making this wonderful city an even better place to work, live and raise a family.

Thank you.