Statement of Mayor Jean Stothert on new attack TV ad featuring Sheriff Dunning

“My record on public safety and working with the community to decrease crime speaks for itself. The TV ad is a desperate attempt to distort that by an individual, Sheriff Dunning, who has an axe to grind.

“My opponent, Mr. Mello, promoted the sheriff as his biggest catch weeks ago; he even announced it with a press conference. And now we are to believe Mello had no knowledge of this shadow group using his most visible supporter for a TV ad less than a week before the election? I don’t buy it, and voters won’t buy it.

“Why doesn’t he just stand up and be counted? Why the secrets? Say what you will about me but I’ve always stood up and faced things head-on. I don’t hide behind others or cower and hope people don’t notice. Part of strong leadership is standing up, speaking up, and being accountable.

“It seems to me like Health Mello is hiding behind the sheriff’s badge and making him do his dirty work.

“An unknown shadowy group mailed nasty stuff on me four years ago and it backfired on them, and this secrecy and hiding will backfire on Mello.

“I urge the public to read a joint statement on this ad that was issued this afternoon by Chief Schmaderer and Omaha Police Officers Association president John Wells.”

Text of Statement

We realize it is unprecedented to have a joint statement coming from both the Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer and the Omaha Police Officers Association President John Wells; however, we felt it was imperative to have a unified front to denounce the assertion made by Sheriff Tim Dunning that Omaha is a more dangerous place to live.

The Omaha Police Department’s record of public safety and working with the community to reduce crime speaks for itself.

Sheriff Dunning has crossed all professional boundaries and his statements should not be viewed as a portrait of the Omaha Police Department.

In addition, this joint statement does not endorse or denounce one mayoral candidate over the other. It was done in support of the hard-working men and women of the Omaha Police Department.