Two Omaha residents speak to Mayor Jean Stothert’s leadership and character in a new advertisement airing on broadcast and cable TV and radio.

Chaplain Royal Carleton speaks to the camera and says of Stothert, “She’s turned this city around.  She’s the mayor for everyone.”

Apostle Vanessa Ward, a North Omaha resident, says, “She’s working hard for us.  I’m voting for Mayor Jean.”

Mayor for Everyone

Vanessa Ward:  As an independent voter, I support Mayor Jean.  She cares about improving Omaha.  Making neighborhoods safer and creating good job opportunities.  She’s working hard for us.  I’m voting for mayor Jean.

Royal Carleton:  I’m pressed with her focus on youth.  Investing in neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for all of us.  She’s turned this city around.  She’s the mayor for everyone.  

Mayor Stothert:  I’m Jean Stothert.  I’m proud of our progress, and I’m excited about our future.

Visuals include both Ward and Carleton speaking directly to the camera, children playing in a park, Mayor Stothert with small business owners and listening at a community meeting.

See the ad here: