Third TV ad now airs: Stothert: ‘This is my vision to move Omaha forward’

The Stothert for Mayor campaign has launched a new television ad that focuses on her work to continue moving Omaha forward by keeping families safe, providing opportunities for children to grow and prosper and creating good paying jobs.

See the ad here:

Looking directly into the camera, Mayor Jean Stothert says, “These are my priorities. This is my vision to move Omaha forward.”

The ad is running on broadcast and cable TV station as well as Omaha radio stations and can be seen on

Mayor Stothert voiceover: “Every morning when I go to work, I think about what can I do to keep our families safe, expand opportunities for our children to grow and prosper, create good paying jobs.” Visuals include the mayor walking through an office, young children playing, and the mayor meeting with businesspeople in South Omaha.

Mayor Stothert looking into the camera: “These are my priorities. This is my vision to move Omaha forward.”

Narrator: “Mayor Jean Stothert is working hard for our community. Adding 56 new police officers, creating new job training opportunities, and fixing the city finances.” Visuals include a community meeting, a vibrant arterial street, and the mayor meeting with constituents.

Mayor Stothert: “I’m Jean Stothert. I’m proud of our progress, and I’m excited about our future.”

The advertisement is the third one by Stothert’s campaign.